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Title: HCI for peace: preventing, de-escalating and recovering from conflict
Authors: Hourcade, Juan Pablo
Bullock-Rest, Natasha E.
Davis, Janet
Jayatilaka, Lahiru
Moraveji, Neema
Nathan, Lisa P.
Zaphiris, Panayiotis
Scientific Field: Humanities
Scientific Field: Arts
Subjects: Cyprus
Calming technology
Post-conflict reconciliation
Social media
Value sensitive design
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The increasing ubiquity of computing devices coupled with recent empirical research on the factors that affect the likelihood of conflict provide HCI researchers with new opportunities to conduct research on interactive systems designed to prevent, de-escalate and recover from conflict. Approaches used by HCI researchers in this field have included the use of a multi-lifespan research initiative to support peace and reconciliation after genocide, CSCW to facilitate communication, visualization to help detect landmines, and calming technology to support individuals desiring interactive systems that scaffold non-violent interactions. In this workshop we plan to further explore these ideas and discuss existing and future challenges.
Type: Conference Papers
Affiliation: University of Iowa
Brown University
Grinnell College
Stanford University
University of British Columbia
Cyprus University of Technology
Journal type: Peer Reviewed
Peer Reviewed
Country: Canada
United States of America
Journal Type: Open Access
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