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Title: Web navigation for individuals with dyslexia: an exploratory study
Authors: Al-Wabil, Areej
Zaphiris, Panayiotis
Wilson, Stephanie
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Citation: Universal Acess in Human Computer Interaction / 4th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, UAHCI 2007, Beijing, China
Abstract: In this paper, we present an exploratory study of the web navigation experiences of dyslexic users. Findings indicate that dyslexics exhibit distinctive web navigation behaviour and preferences. We believe that the outcomes of this study add to our understanding of the particular needs of this web user population and have implications for the design of effective navigation structures.
Type: Book chapter
ISBN: 9783540732785
Rights: © 2007 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. All rights reserved.
Affiliation: City University
Country: United Kingdom
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