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Title: Social protest through Facebook in the Greek context: the case of the 'I don't pay' movement
Authors: Triga, Vasiliki
Scientific Field: Social Sciences
Scientific Field: Sociology
Subjects: Social protest
Online social networks
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: European University Cyprus
Citation: Journal of Critical Studies in Business and Society, 2011, Volume 2, Numbers 1 & 2, Pages 51-73
Abstract: Within a turbulent global socio-economic and political context, social protest becomes more pertinent and it takes various forms. Online social networks are perceived to provide an alternative way of interactivity based on shared interests, political views and activities. On the occasion of the social unrest in Greece that began in 2008 and has been reinvigorated recently following the financial bailout of Greece by its EU partners and the IMF, the paper focuses on Facebook groups interested in politics. The selected groups have been formed against the imposed financial restrictions and make part of the so called ‘I don’t pay’ movement. Adopting a social constructionist approach that is built upon the concept of ideological dilemmas, the goal is to explore and analyse the ideological resources that inform the discourse of the ‘I don’t pay’ movement, as expressed in the descriptions of Facebook groups. The analysis illustrates that social action might be triggered and informed ideologically by the everyday understandings of representative democracy rather than the financial crisis per se.
Type: Article
Affiliation: Cyprus University of Technology
Journal type: Peer Reviewed
Country: Cyprus
Journal Type: Subscription
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