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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2014An analytical solution in probabilistic rock slope stability assessment based on random fieldsGravanis, Elias ; Pantelidis, Lysandros ; Griffiths, D. V. 
2Oct-2017Early-time solution of the horizontal unconfined aquifer in the buildup phaseGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos 
311-Jan-2015Generalized Batchelor functions of isotropic turbulenceGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos 
42015Influence of spatial variability on rock slope reliability using 1-D random fieldsPantelidis, Lysandros ; Gravanis, Elias ; Griffiths, D.V. 
510-Mar-2017Isotropic turbulence in compact spaceGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos 
61-Nov-2015Quasi-steady flow in sloping aquifersAkylas, Evangelos ; Gravanis, Elias ; Koussis, Antonis D. 
72011Stationarity of linearly forced turbulence in finite domainsGravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos