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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Application of novel technique in RIPEMD-160 aiming at high-throughputMichail, Harris ; Thnanasoulis, V. N.; Schinianakis, Dimitrios M.
21-Apr-2016Area-throughput trade-offs for SHA-1 and SHA-256 hash functions' pipelined designsMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Kelefouras, Vasilios I. ; Theodoridis, George ; Stouraitis, Thanos ; Goutis, Costas E. 
32005Case study and application of pre-computation technique for hashing cores aiming at high-throughput implementationsMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Goutis, Costas E.
42011Cipher block based authentication module: a hardware design perspectiveMichail, Harris ; Schinianakis, Dimitrios M.; Goutis, Costas E.
52012Combining traffic simulation with bayesian networks for improved quantification of accident risk indexMichail, Harris ; Mouskos, Kyriacos C. ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
62010A data locality methodology for matrix-matrix multiplication algorithmMichail, Harris ; Alachiotis, Nikolaos; Kelefouras, Vasileios I.
72007A decoupled architecture of processors with scratch-pad memory hierarchyMichail, Harris ; Milidonis, Athanasios S.; Alachiotis, Nikolaos
82010Decoupled processors architecture for accelerating data intensive applications using scratch-pad memory hierarchyMichail, Harris ; Milidonis, Athanasios S.; Alachiotis, Nikolaos
92012Design and implementation of a SHA-3 candidate Skein-512 hash/MAC hardware architectureMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Tsingkas, Elias N.; Chalkou, Chara I.; Theodoridis, G.; Goutis, Costas E.
101-Sep-2016Design and implementation of totally-self checking SHA-1 and SHA-256 hash functions’ architecturesMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Theodoridis, George ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Goutis, Costas E. 
112010Designs and comparisons of authentication modules for IPSec in configurable and extensible embedded processorMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Makridakis, George 
122014Distribution of cultural content through exploitation of cryptographic algorithms and hardware identificationMichail, Harris ; Louca, Constantinos ; Gavrilis, Dimitris ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Anastasiou, Lazaros ; Ioannides, Marinos 
132005Efficient design of high-level mechanisms for hard safety-critical low-power devicesMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Kokkinos, Vasileios
142004Efficient implementation of the Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) using the SHA-1 hash functionMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Milidonis, Athanasios S.
152005Efficient small-sized implementation of the keyed-hash message authentication codMichail, Harris ; Yiakoumis, Ioannis I.; Papadonikolakis, Markos E.
162012Evolution of the e-Museum concept through exploitation of cryptographic algorithmsIoannides, Marinos ; Michail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
1730-Oct-2015Hardware implementation of the Totally Self-Checking SHA-256 hash coreMichail, Harris ; Kotsiolis, Apostolis ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P. ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Goutis, Costas E. 
186-Aug-2015High performance pipelined FPGA implementation of the SHA-3 hash algorithmIoannou, Lenos ; Michail, Harris ; Voyiatzis, Artemios G. 
1931-Jul-2013High-performance FPGA implementations of the cryptographic hash function JHAthanasiou, George S. ; Michail, Harris ; Theodoridis, G. ; Goutis, Costas E. 
202012High-throughput hardware architectures of the JH round-three SHA-3 candidate: An FPGA design and implementation approachGoutis, Costas E.; Athanasiou, George S. ; Chalkou, Chara I.; Bardis, D.; Michail, Harris ; Theodoridis, George