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Savva, Achilleas
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Σάββα, Αχιλλέας
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Achilleas' current research interests lie on studies and morphology control on interfaces and surfaces for thin-film organic solar cells. His focus is on the use and study of novel materials (organic or inorganic) as electron or hole transporting layers in these types of devices, in order to achieve higher power conversion efficiencies. He joined the MEP Research Unit in April 2011 having previously completed his Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessalonica (AUTH). His final year project was on superhydrophobic surfaces based on the so-called “Lotus effect” by mixing high surface tension polymers and nanoparticles of various sizes. It was carried out at the physical-chemical laboratory at AUTH's department of chemical engineering and the research center “Ormilia” in Chalkidiki, Greece under the supervision of Kostas Panayiotou. Achilleas is from Limassol, Cyprus.
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