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Full Name
Angeli, Ioannis
Greek Name
Αγγελή, Ιωάννης
Dr. Angeli was working as a lecturer at the Higher Technical Institute (HTI), Mechanical Engineering Department, for 29 years before joining the academic staff of Cyprus University of Technology in 2008. He is now the departmental coordinator of Socrates - Erasmus program and the internal consultant of the Quality Assurance of the University. He is accredited with Institute of Technology and Human Recourse Development Authority as a consultant and instructor in Quality Management and Human Recourse Development. He is a Senior Member του American Society for Quality and Country Counselor. For the last 25 years, he is engaged in the provision of consultancy services and delivering training courses, mainly for Cyprus Industry, in the field of Quality Management (approximately 100) with great success due to his approach, which is based on experiences and implementations. He supervised more than 120 dissertations at HTI, BEng, MSc, MBA and PhD level. For the last fifteen years, he is participating in certification audits of the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008. He is an accredited lead Auditor with Cyprus Certification Company, Hellenic Organisation for Standardization and BSI. He is also auditor of OHSAS standards and play grounds Many of his research work and experiences were published in international journals and magazines and announced in many world conferences in Cyprus and abroad (total 35) including Greece, USA, UK, India, Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hong Kong, Serbia, Romania etc. He is also a member of the reviewers committee in many scientific journals and international conferences. He possesses an enormous amount of books, scientific magazines, software, training videos and CD, proceedings of world conferences, seminars notes etc which are widely utilized by the students and industrialists.
Current Staff
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