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11-Oct-2017Application of bacteriocin-producing Enterococcus faecium isolated from donkey milk, in the bio-control of Listeria monocytogenes in fresh whey cheeseAspri, Maria ; Field, Des ; Cotter, Paul D. ; Ross, Paul P. ; Hill, Colin ; Papademas, Photis 
21-Feb-2016Assessment of donkey milk chemical, microbiological and sensory attributes in Greece and CyprusMalissiova, Eleni ; Arsenos, Georgios ; Papademas, Photis ; Fletouris, Dimitrios J. ; Manouras, Athanasios ; Aspri, Maria ; Nikolopoulou, Aikaterini ; Giannopoulou, Alexandra ; Arvanitoyannis, Ioannis Sotirios 
31-Dec-2018Bioactive properties of fermented donkey milk, before and after in vitro simulated gastrointestinal digestionAspri, Maria ; Leni, Giulia ; Galaverna, Gianni ; Papademas, Photis 
427-Oct-2017Cheeses from CyprusPapademas, Photis 
52000A comparison of the chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of bovine and ovine halloumi cheeseRobinson, Richard; Papademas, Photis 
6Jul-2018Donkey milk as a supplement in infant formula: benefits and technological challengesSouroullas, Kallis ; Aspri, Maria ; Papademas, Photis 
74-May-2017Donkey milk: An overview on functionality, technology, and future prospectsAspri, Maria ; Economou, Nicole ; Papademas, Photis 
82010Effect of dehydration by sun or by oven on volatiles and aroma compounds of trachanasCarpino, Stefania; Rapisarda, Teresa; Papademas, Photis 
923-Mar-2015The fatty acid profile of halloumi cheese from milk produced by ewes fed with ensiled olive cakeTzamaloukas, Ouranios ; Papademas, Photis ; Orford, Michael R. ; Miltiadou, Despoina ; Papachristoforou, Christakis 
102010Food safety management systems (FSMS) in the dairy industry: A reviewBintsis, Thomas; Papademas, Photis 
111998Halloumi cheese : the product and its characteristicsRobinson, Richard; Papademas, Photis 
122001Lactobacillus cypricasei sp. nov., isolated from halloumi cheeseLawson, Paul; Wacher, Carmen; Papademas, Photis 
131-Jan-2015Major and trace elements in milk and Halloumi cheese as markers for authentication of goat feeding regimes and geographical originOsorio, María Teresa Moreira ; Koidis, Anastasios ; Papademas, Photis 
142017Microbiological Characteristics of Trachanas, a Traditional Fermented Dairy Product from CyprusBozoudi, Despina ; Agathokleous, Maria ; Anastasiou, Iacovos ; Papademas, Photis ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
152002Microbiological quality of white-brined cheeses: A reviewBintsis, Thomas; Papademas, Photis 
1627-Oct-2017An overview of the cheesemaking processBintsis, Thomas ; Papademas, Photis 
1727-Oct-2017PrefacePapademas, Photis ; Bintsis, Thomas 
181-Mar-2017Raw donkey milk as a source of Enterococcus diversity: Assessment of their technological properties and safety characteristicsAspri, Maria ; Bozoudi, Despina ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios ; Hill, Colin ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon; Papademas, Photis 
1927-Oct-2017Semi-hard cheesesEugster-Meier, Elisabeth ; Fröhlich-Wyder, Marie‐Therese ; Jakob, Ernst ; Wechsler, Daniel ; Morales, Maria Belén López ; Licitra, Giuseppe ; Berthier, Françoise ; Papademas, Photis ; Ardö, Ylva ; Tavares, Tânia G. ; Xavier, Malcata F. ; Radulovic, Zorica ; Miocinovic, Jelena 
202001The sensory characteristics of different types of halloumi cheese as perceived by tasters of different agesRobinson, Richard; Papademas, Photis