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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120151012 Health related quality of life of mothers of children with cancer: the role of social support and social capitalNicolaou, Christiana ; Kouta, Christiana ; Papathanasoglou, Elizabeth ; Middleton, Nicos 
22011The application of innovative technologies in elderly health care in the communityEllina, P.; Kouta, Christiana 
32015Association of serum vitamin D with asthma and atopy in childhood: review of epidemiological observational studiesKolokotroni, Ourania ; Middleton, Nicos ; Kouta, Christiana ; Raftopoulos, Vasilios ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K
41-Oct-2013Association of social capital at work with self-rated health and psychological distress: Nicos MiddletonMiddleton, Nicos ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Lamnisos, Demetris ; Kolokotroni, Ourania ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Karanikola, Maria ; Kouta, Christiana 
52016Association of social support and socio-demographic characteristics with poor self-rated health and depressive symptomatology among single mothers in Cyprus: a descriptive cross-sectional studyRousou, Elena ; Kouta, Christiana ; Middleton, Nicos 
62015Association of vitamin D with adiposity measures and other determinants in a cross-sectional study of Cypriot adolescentsKolokotroni, Ourania ; Papadopoulou, Anna ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Raftopoulos, Vasilios ; Kouta, Christiana ; Lamnisos, Demetris ; Nicolaidou, Polyxeni ; Middleton, Nicos 
717-Jan-2014Association of vitamin D with adiposity measures and other determinants in a cross-sectional study of Cypriot adolescentsKolokotroni, Ourania ; Papadopoulou, Anna ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Lamnisos, Demetris ; Nicolaidou, Polyxeni ; Middleton, Nicos ; Raftopoulos, Vasilios ; Kouta, Christiana 
81-Oct-2014Association of vitamin D with adiposity measures in a cross-sectional study of Cypriot adolescents: Ourania KolokotroniKolokotroni, Ourania ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Papadopoulou, Anna ; Raftopoulos, Vasilios ; Nicolaidou, Polyxeni ; Middleton, Nicos ; Kouta, Christiana 
92015The association of vitamin D with allergy and lung function in asthmatic and healthy adolescentsKolokotroni, Ourania ; Yiallouros, Panagiotis; Papadopoulou, A.; Kouta, Christiana ; Raftopoulos, Vasileios; Nicolaidou, P.; Middleton, Nicos 
102013Autoevaluación de la salud de madres solteras: una exploración sistemática de la bibliografíaRousou, Elena ; Kouta, Christiana ; Middleton, Nicos ; Karanikola, Maria 
111-Jan-2016Cancer Related Fatigue and Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer Undergoing ChemotherapyCharalambous, Andreas ; Kouta, Christiana 
122009Childbirth rights and realityMartenson, Lena B.; Papadopoulos, Irena; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni; Kouta, Christiana 
13Nov-2018Content validity of neighbourhood environment audit tool: virtual ethnographic studyKleopa, Daphne ; Panayiotou, Andrie ; Kouta, Christiana ; Middleton, Nicos 
142014Cross-cultural applicability of the Medical Outcomes Study – Social Support Survey as a measure of perceived social support among Greek-Cypriot mothers Psychometric validation of MOSNicolaou, Christiana ; Kouta, Christiana ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Middleton, Nicos 
15Nov-2018Cross-national transferability of online app for the transition to parenthood: Baby Buddy ForwardMiddleton, Nicos ; Kolokotroni, Ourania ; Nicolaou, Christiana ; Christodoulides, V. ; Papain, S. ; Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni ; Karanikola, Maria ; Papadopoulou, Maria ; Kouta, Christiana ; Baum, Alison 
161-Jan-2015Cyprus health education curriculum from “victim blaming to empowerment”Ioannou, Soula ; Kouta, Christiana ; Andreou, Angeliki 
172016Cyprus mothers׳ breast feeding self-efficacy and their perceptions about the implementation of the ‘10 steps’ in the first 48 hours after birthHadjiona, Vasiliki; Middleton, Nicos ; Kouta, Christiana ; Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni; Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Kolokotroni, Ourania 
182013Date rape among Cypriot female college students: an explorative studyKouta, Christiana ; Tolma, Eleni L.; Pavlou, Susana Elisa
192009Delivering quality, serving communities: nurses leading care innovationsKouta, Christiana 
202010A descriptive model of emergent sexuality in greek cypriot adolescentsRaftopoulos, Vasilios ; Kouta, Christiana