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120151012 Health related quality of life of mothers of children with cancer: the role of social support and social capitalNicolaou, Christiana ; Kouta, Christiana ; Papathanasoglou, Elizabeth ; Middleton, Nicos 
22010A critical exploration of surgical-oncology nurse’s perceptions of factors involved in decision making on postoperative wound management : a descriptive surveyCharalampous, Melanie ; Charalambous, Andreas 
32009A descriptive analysis of the Cyprus healthcare system based on the main state provision theoriesCharalambous, Andreas 
42011A post cardiac surgery home-monitoring systemGeorghiou, Georgios P.; Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Matheou, George; Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos C. ; Chimonidou, Panayiota; Pattichis, Constantinos ; Barberis, Vassilis I. I.
52012A predictive control approach and interactive GUI to enhance distal environment rendering during robotized tele-echography: Interactive platform for robotized telechographyAvgousti, Sotiris ; Vieyres, Pierre P. ; Josserand, Laurence ; Chiccoli, Marco ; Sandoval, Juan ; Morette, Nicolas ; Novales, Cyril ; Fonte, Aicha ; Kasparis, Takis ; Voskarides, Sotos 
6Jul-2014A randomized controlled trial for the use of Thymus Honey indecreasing salivary gland damage following radioiodine therapy for Thyroid cancer: research protocolFrangos, Savvas ; Talias, Michael ; Charalambous, Andreas 
72010A randomized trial of the effect of training in progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery techniques in improving psychological and quality-of-life for breast and prostate cancer patients receiving chemotherapyCharalambous, Andreas 
82011A seven country comparison of nurses’ perceptions of their professional practice environmentEfstathiou, George ; Agaroglou, Rengin; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
92013A spatial factor model for summarizing area-level Townsend-like IndexLamnisos, Demetris ; Middleton, Nicos 
102015Adaptation and Validation of the Learning Style Inventory Version 3.1 in Greek Language: A Methodological StudyAndreou, Christos; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Mattheou, Kyriacos; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
1117-Dec-2013Adaptive Monte Carlo for Bayesian variable selection in regression modelsLamnisos, Demetris ; Griffin, Jim E. ; Steel, Mark 
122014Adult cancer patients satisfaction of nursing care: a cross-national evaluation of two Southeastern European countriesEfstathiou, Georgios ; Adamakidou, Theodoula ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Charalambous, Andreas 
132011Advanced critical care nursing: a novel role with ancient history and unprecedented challenges worldwidePapathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
142013Altered serum stress neuropeptide levels in critically ill individuals and associations with lymphocyte populationsMiddleton, Nicos ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
152010An exploration of the clinical learning experience of nursing students in nine European countriesWarne, Tony; Johansson, Unn-Britt; Tichelaar, Erna; Tomietto, Marco ; Bossche, Koen Van den; Morenog, Maria Flores Vizcaya; Saarikoski, Mikko; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
162010An investigation of breast cancer risk factors in Cyprus: a case control studyMiddleton, Nicos 
1716-May-2014Anemia and health-related quality of life in patients with heart failureGeorgiou, C. ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini 
18May-2013Anemia and heart failure: a systematic reviewLakatamitou, Ioanna ; Kalogirou, Fotini ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini 
192014Anemia, gender and heart failureLambrinou, Ekaterini ; Kalogirou, Fotini ; Lakatamitou, Ι. ; Barberis, V. ; Paikousis, L. ; Charitou, A. ; Middleton, Nicos 
202008Antibiotic and O2 Omissions and Errors in Hospitalized PatientsBrokalaki, Hero ; Matziou, Vasiliki N. ; Brokalaki, Eirene ; Fildissis, George ; Myrianthefs, Pavlos ; Merkouris, Anastasios