Department of Hotel and Tourism Management

According to the UN World Tourism Organisation, in many countries, including Cyprus, the hospitality industry constitutes the main source of foreign exchange revenue and a primary contributor to the labour force. The same source predicts a rather prosperous future for the industry since more than 1.6 billion tourists will travel by the year 2020. In Cyprus, the hospitality industry contributes close to 13% of the country’s GDP and provides employment to forty-thousand employees. The hospitality industry comprises of lodging, food and beverage and travel establishments, as well as, public and private organisations that pursue the sustainable development, promotion and administration of the country’s tourism destinations. Reflecting the latest developments and trends of the volatile hospitality and tourism industry, the Department offers a Bachelors degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, a Masters degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management as well as Doctoral studies. The Department strives to develop an ideal learning environment in which students will receive a pedagogically sound academic experience that adequately prepares them for a successful managerial-level career in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The programmes of study are designed to prepare potential graduates for careers in the public and service sectors and in private companies/organisations as well.
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Department of Hotel and Tourism Management
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