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12010“Another brick in the WALL”: Wiki Assisted Language Learning in ESP university coursesHadjiconstantinou, Stavroulla ; Yerou, Christina 
22014Blogging revisited: the use of blogs in ESAP courserNicolaou, Anna ; Kakoulli-Constantinou, Elis 
32016Developing and implementing a computer-adaptive test for english: The SLUPE experienceBurston, Jack 
42013English for Specific 
Academic Purposes: Course EvaluationPapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi ; Kakoulli-Constantinou, Elis 
5Apr-2016ESP teacher education: an online, in-service, ESP teacher training courseKakoulli-Constantinou, Elis ; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi 
61-Jan-2016Exploring the multilingual efficiency of urban online spaces: Implications for culture-centered designParmaxi, Antigoni ; Nicolaou, Anna ; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi ; Boglou, Dimitrios 
71-Jan-2015Hermes: Architecting a top-performing fault-tolerant routing algorithm for networks-on-chipsIordanou, Costas ; Soteriou, Vassos ; Aisopos, Konstantinos ; Kakoulli-Constantinou, Elis 
89-Oct-2015ICT in EFL: the case of Cypriot secondary school educationPapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi ; Kakoulli-Constantinou, Elis ; Giannikas, Christina Nicole 
9Apr-2016Landscaping multilingualism in the urban community of Limassol: policies, practices and visionsNicolaou, Anna ; Parmaxi, Antigoni ; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi ; Boglou, Dimitrios 
101-Jan-2016Language education in a multilingual city: The case of LimassolNicolaou, Anna ; Parmaxi, Antigoni ; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi ; Boglou, Dimitrios 
112018Looking for a needle in a haystack: Call and advanced language proficiencyBurston, Jack ; Arispe, Kelly 
12Oct-2017Making it personal: performance-based assessments, ubiquitous technology, and advanced learnersArispe, Kelly ; Burston, Jack 
132017MALL: Global prospects and local implementationBurston, Jack 
141-Jan-2014MALL: The pedagogical challengesBurston, Jack 
152013Mobile-assisted language learning: A selected annotated bibliography of implementation studies 1994-2012Burston, Jack 
161-Oct-2017Online intercultural exchanges through digital storytellingSevilla-Pavón, Ana ; Nicolaou, Anna 
171-Jan-2017ReLAnpro BYOLL (Bring your own language lab)Burston, Jack 
18Jun-2015Review of mobile learning: Languages, literacies, and culturesBurston, Jack 
192014Teachers attitudes to the use of technology in the learning of EFL in public schools in the Republic of CyprusPapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi ; Giannikas, Christina Nicole ; Kakoulli-Constantinou, Elis 
2020-Jun-2015Twenty years of MALL project implementation: A meta-analysis of learning outcomesBurston, Jack