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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan- 204Systems medicine approaches for the definition of complex phenotypes in chronic diseases and ageing. From concept to implementation and policiesBousquet, Jean; Jorgensen, Christian; Dauzat, Michel M.; Cesario, Alfredo; Camuzat, Thierry; Bourret, Rodolphe; Best, Nicolas; Anto, J. M.; Abecassis, Frederic; Aubas, Pierre; Avignon, Antoine; Badin, Melanie; Bedbrook, Anna; Blain, Hubert; Bourdin, Arnaud; Bringer, Jacques; Camu, William; Cayla, Guilhaume; Costa, David J.; Courtet, Philippe; Cristol, Jean Paul; Demoly, Pascal; De La Coussaye, Jean Emmanuel; Fesler, Pierre; Gouzi, Fares; Gris, Jean Christophe R; Guillot, Bernard; Hayot, Maurice; Jeandel, Claude; Jonquet, Olivier; Journot, Laurent; Lehmann, Sylvain; Mathieu, Gwenaelle; Morel, Jacques; Ninot, Gregory Jean Marie Guilyn; Pelissier, Jacques Yvon; Picot, Marie Christine; Radier-Pontal, Francoise; Robine, Jean Marie; Rodier, Michel; Roubille, Francois; Sultan, Ariane; Wojtusciszyn, Anne; Auffray, Charles; Balling, Rudi; Barbara, Cristina; Cambon-Thomsen, Anne; Chavannes, Niels H.; Chuchalin, Alexander G.; Crooks, George; Dedeu, Antoni; Fabbri, Leonardo Michele; Garcia-Aymerich, J.; Hajjam, Jawad; Gomes, Elisabete Melo; Palkonen, Susana; Piette, Francois; Pison, Christophe M.; Price, David B.; Samolinski, Boleslaw K.; Schünemann, Holger J.; Sterk, Peter Jason J; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K.; Roca, Josep M.; Van De Perre, Philippe; Mercier, Jacques; Γιάλλουρος, Παναγιώτης
1985A method for the precise measurement of the difference between two low frequenciesKasparis, Takis; Voulgaris, Nicholas C.; Halkias, Christos C.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1985Culture theory and political culture: new directions and proposalsΔεμερτζής, Νίκος; Demertzis, Nicolas
1986Texture classification using the hough transformKasparis, Takis; Eichmann, George; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1986Determination of the electronic configuration of the ground state of iron dimer through analysis of fe57m mössbauer dataKelires, Pantelis C.; Mishra, Kailash C.; Duff, Kenneth J.; Κελίρης, Παντελής
1986A resonance raman study of the higher-lying electronic states of styrene vaporVarotsis, Constantinos; Ziegler, Lawrence; Βαρώτσης, Κωνσταντίνος
1987Knowledge-based image segmentationKasparis, Takis; Marinovic, Nenad M.; Eichmann, George; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1987Self-consistent field cluster study of the origin of hyperfine interaction and isomer shift in57mfe2o3)Kelires, Pantelis C.; Das, Tara Prasad; Κελίρης, Παντελής
1987Hartree-fock cluster investigations of electronic structure and nuclear quadrupole interaction in the superionic conductor li3nKelires, Pantelis C.; Mishra, Kailash C.; Das, Tara Prasad; Κελίρης, Παντελής
1987Intelligent handling of data by integration of commonsense reasoningKeravnou-Papailiou, Elpida; Johnson, Leslie; Κεραυνού-Παπαηλιού, Ελπίδα
1987Vector median filtersKasparis, Takis; Eichmann, George; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1988Glassy quasithermal distribution of local geometries and defects in quenched amorphous siliconKelires, Pantelis C.; Tersoff, Jerry; Κελίρης, Παντελής
1988Topologically invariant texture descriptorsKasparis, Takis; Eichmann, George; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1988Production of seed potatoes in Cyprus: incidence and economic importance of virus diseasesIoannou, Nicolas; Ιωάννου, Νικόλας; Vakis, N.J.
1988Effects of lasalocid on growth, nutrient digestibility and rumen characteristics in chios lambs and Damascus kidsHadjipanayiotou, Miltiades; Papachristoforou, Christakis; Economides, S.; Παπαχριστοφόρου, Χριστάκης
1989Equilibrium alloy properties by direct simulation: oscillatory segregation at the si-ge(100) 2×1 surfaceKelires, Pantelis C.; Tersoff, Jerry; Κελίρης, Παντελής
1989Deep and shallow models in medical expert systemsKeravnou-Papailiou, Elpida; Washbrook, John; Κεραυνού-Παπαηλιού, Ελπίδα
1989Towards a generalized model of diagnostic behaviourKeravnou-Papailiou, Elpida; Johnson, Leslie; Κεραυνού-Παπαηλιού, Ελπίδα
1989Pattern classification using a linear associative memoryKasparis, Takis; Eichmann, George; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1989Κουλτούρα, νεωτερικότητα, πολιτική κουλτουραΔεμερτζής, Νίκος
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