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2008BehaviorScope: Real-Time Remote Human Monitoring Using Sensor NetworksLymberopoulos, Dimitrios K.; Bamis, Athanasios; Teixeira, Thiago; Savvides, Andreas 
2007Detecting Patterns for Assisted Living Using Sensor Networks: A Case StudyLymberopoulos, Dimitrios K.; Teixeira, Thiago; Savvides, Andreas 
2009Identifying people in camera networks using wearable accelerometersTeixeira, Thiago; Jung, Deokwoo; Dublon, Gershon; Savvides, Andreas 
2007Lightweight People Counting and Localizing in Indoor Spaces Using Camera Sensor NodesTeixeira, Thiago; Savvides, Andreas 
2007Model-Based Design Exploration of Wireless Sensor Node LifetimesJung, Deokwoo; Teixeira, Thiago; Barton-Sweeney, Andrew; Savvides, Andreas 
2008Towards Precision Monitoring of Elders for Providing Assistive ServicesBamis, Athanasios; Lymberopoulos, Dimitrios K.; Teixeira, Thiago; Savvides, Andreas