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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A Hybrid of a CBT- and a CAT-based New English Placement Test Online (NEPTON)Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi
2003A Web of Intercultural CommunicationΠαπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi
2000Ca alors ! 2Vallantin, Philippe; Griffiths, James; Nicholson, John; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Sedunary, MIchael; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2012CALL (computer assisted language learning) wikiPapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2009CALL E-Portfolios: Developing Reflective and Autonomous LearningPapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2009Can Teenagers be Motivated to Read Literature?Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi
2013Charting recent development in Computer Assisted LanguageParmaxi, Antigoni; Zaphiris, Panayiotis; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Ioannou, Andri; Παρμαξή, Αντιγόνη; Ζαφείρης, Παναγιώτης; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Ιωάννου, Άντρη
2013Charting recent development in computer assisted language learningZaphiris, Panayiotis; Ioannou, Andri; Parmaxi, Antigoni; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Ζαφείρης, Παναγιώτης; Ιωάννου, Άντρη; Παρμαξή, Αντιγόνη; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2009Curriculum development: Re-designing an ESAP course for students of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science at the Cyprus University of Technology through more comprehensive needs analysis processes.Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Kakoulli-Constantinou, Elis; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Κακουλή-Κωνσταντίνου, Έλις
2007Difficulties and Constraints Involved in Developing a New English Placement Test OnlinePapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2013English for Specific 
Academic Purposes: Course EvaluationΠαπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Κακουλή-Κωνσταντίνου, Έλις; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Kakoulli-Constantinou, Elis
2013Impact of iPod Touch-supported Repeated Reading on thePapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Charalambous, Marina; Mallouris, Yiannis; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Χαραλάμπους, Μαρίνα; Μαλλούρης, Γιάννης
2013International Experiences in Language Testing and AssessmentTsagari, Dina; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Ioannou-Georgiou, Sophie; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2013Introducing new perspectives in the use of social technologies in learning: social constructionismParmaxi, Antigoni; Zaphiris, Panayiotis; Michailidou, Eleni; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Ioannou, Andri; Παρμαξή, Αντιγόνη; Ζαφείρης, Παναγιώτης; Μιχαηλίδου, Ελένη; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Ιωάννου, Άντρη
2007Learning through reflection as part of a DPS programmeΠαπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi
2006Learning through reflection as part of a DPS programmePapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2013Mapping the landscape of computer-assisted language learning: an inventory of researchParmaxi, Antigoni; Zaphiris, Panayiotis; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Ioannou, Andri; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Ζαφείρης, Παναγιώτης; Παρμαξή, Αντιγόνη; Ιωάννου, Άντρη
2000Postgraduate Studies online: postgraduate diploma in Educational Studies, specialisation in Teaching Second Language and Computer Assisted Language Learning: Planning, and developmentPapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
2013Self-Access Language Learning Programme: The Case of the English Language Voluntary Intensive Independent Catch-up StudyΠαπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη; Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi
2013Students’ reflections on the effectiveness of their ESAP courses: A multidisciplinary evaluation at tertiary levelPapadima-Sophocleous, Salomi; Hadjiconstantinou, Stavroulla; Παπαδήμα-Σοφοκλέους, Σαλώμη
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