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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A 3D drop-size distribution model based on the convolution of raindrops at terminal velocityKasparis, Takis; Lane, John E.; Jones, Linwood W.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1997Adaptive DSP algorithm for calibrating drop size distribution rain gaugesKasparis, Takis; Lane, John E.; McFarquhar, Greg M.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1993Adaptive mixed-rank filtersKasparis, Takis; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1993Adaptive scratch noise filteringKasparis, Takis; Lane, John E.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1997Adaptive transform coding of images using approximate trigonometric expansionsKasparis, Takis; Memon, Qurban A.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2011Advanced statistical and adaptive threshold techniques for moving object detection and segmentationKasparis, Takis; Christodoulou, Lakis; Marques, Oge; Κασπαρής, Τάκης; Χριστοδούλου, Λάκης
2012A frequency error model for fretted string instrumentsKasparis, Takis; Lane, John E.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2004A hierarchical approach to image registration using feature consensus and hausdorff distanceKasparis, Takis; Xu, Dongjiang; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2007A hybrid and hierarchical approach to aerial image registrationXu, Dongjiang; Kasparis, Takis; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1985A method for the precise measurement of the difference between two low frequenciesKasparis, Takis; Voulgaris, Nicholas C.; Halkias, Christos C.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1998A modified domain deformation theory on 1-D signal classificationKasparis, Takis; Kim, Sung S.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2008An Improved Oceanic Rainfall Retrieval Algorithm and Results from SeawindsAhmad, Khalil A.; Jones, W. Linwood; Kasparis, Takis; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1996Application of approximate trigonometric expansions to multiresolution signal representationKasparis, Takis; Memon, Qurban A.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1996Approximate trigonometric expansions with applications to image encodingKasparis, Takis; Memon, Qurban A.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2012A predictive control approach and interactive GUI to enhance distal environment rendering during robotized tele-echography: Interactive platform for robotized telechographyVoskarides, Sotos; Kasparis, Takis; Avgousti, Sotiris; Vieyres, Pierre P.; Josserand, Laurence; Chiccoli, Marco; Sandoval, Juan; Morette, Nicolas; Novales, Cyril; Fonte, Aicha; Βοσκαρίδης, Σώτος; Κασπαρής, Τάκης; Αυγουστή, Σωτήρης
2009A Time-Varying Radiometric Bias Correction for the TRMM Microwave ImagerGopalan, Kaushik; Jones, W. Linwood; Biswas, Sayak K.; Bilanow, Stephen; Wilheit, Thomas T.; Kasparis, Takis; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2008Autonomous Registration of LiDAR Data to Single Aerial ImageShorter, Nicholas S.; Kasparis, Takis; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2007Background stabilization and debris flagging in launch pad videosGopalan, Kaushik; Kasparis, Takis; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
1995Block median filtersKasparis, Takis; Memon, Qurban A.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
2000Classification of noisy patterns using ARTMAP-based neural networksKasparis, Takis; Charalampidis, Dimitrios; Anagnostopoulos, Georgios C.; Κασπαρής, Τάκης
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