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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A combinatorial application of necklaces: modeling individual link failures in parallel network-on-chip interconnect linksChristodoulides, Paul; Soteriou, Vassos; Vitkovskiy, Arseniy; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Σωτηρίου, Βάσος
2006Adsorpcja Nieizotermiczna w Ziarnie KulistymKupiec, Krzysztof; Georgiou, Andreas; Christodoulides, Paul; Kubala, Angieszka; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2012An analysis of heat flow through a borehole heat exchanger validated modelChristodoulides, Paul; Florides, Georgios A.; Pouloupatis, Panayiotis; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Φλωρίδης, Γεώργιος Α.; Πουλουπάτης, Παναγιώτης
2013Antecedents and Consequences of an Eco-Friendly Export Marketing Strategy: The Moderating Role of Foreign Public Concern and Competitive IntensityLeonidou, Leonidas C.; Katsikeas, Constantine S.; Fotiadis, Thomas A.; Christodoulides, Paul; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
1994Bifurcations and stability of capillary-gravity wavesChristodoulides, Paul; Dias, Frederic; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2011Borehole heat exchanger modeling validationFlorides, Georgios A.; Christodoulides, Paul; Pouloupatis, Panayiotis; Φλωρίδης, Γεώργιος Α.; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Πουλουπάτης, Παναγιώτης
2012Borehole heat exchanger: modeling validation and system parameters evaluationFlorides, Georgios A.; Christodoulides, Paul; Pouloupatis, Panayiotis; Messaritis, Vassilios; Φλωρίδης, Γεώργιος Α.; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Πουλουπάτης, Παναγιώτης; Μεσσαρίτης, Βασίλειος
1994Capillary-gravity interfacial wavesChristodoulides, Paul; Dias, Frederic; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2011Construction of Dynamic Co-Seismic Sea Bed Displacements for Tsunami Generation ProblemsDutykh, Denys; Mitsotakis, Dimitrios; Christodoulides, Paul; Dias, Frederic; Gardeil, Xavier; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2012Despeckle filtering in ultrasound video of the common carotid arteryChristodoulides, Paul; Kasparis, Takis; Theofanous, Charoula; Loizou, C.P.; Pantziaris, M.; Kyriakou, E.; Pattichis, C.S.; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Κασπαρής, Τάκης; Θεοφάνους, Χαρούλα
2013Despeckle Filtering Toolbox for Medical Ultrasound VideoLoizou, Christos P.; Theofanous, Charoula; Pantziaris, Marios; Kasparis, Takis; Christodoulides, Paul; Nicolaides, Andrew N.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Θεοφάνους, Χαρούλα
2013Domestic Electricity Consumption and the Public Awareness FactorGeorgiou, Avraam; Ioannou, Petros; Christodoulides, Paul; Γεωργίου, Αβραάμ; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2011Drivers and performance outcomes of an eco-friendly corporate and marketing strategy in smaller manufacturing firmsLeonidou, L.C.; Christodoulides, Paul; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Leonidou, C.N.
2012Drivers and performance outcomes of ecological export marketing strategies: a resource-based perspectiveLeonidou, Leonidas; Fotiades, Thomas A.; Christodoulides, Paul; Λεωνίδου, Λεωνίδας; Φωτιάδης, Θωμάς; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2014EditorialChristodoulides, Paul; Papageorgiou, Demetrios T.; Smyrlis, Yiorgos Sokratis; Vanden-Broeck, Jean Marc; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2013Effect of the ground properties on the fluid temperature of Geothermal Heat ExchangersChristodoulides, Paul; Florides, Georgios A.; Theofanous, Elisavet; Lazaris, Lazaros; Messaritis, Vassilios; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Φλωρίδης, Γεώργιος Α.; Θεοφάνους, Ελισάβετ; Λαζαρή, Λάζαρος; Μεσσαρίτης, Βασίλειος
2014External determinants and financial outcomes of an eco-friendly orientation in smaller manufacturing firmsLeonidou, Leonidas C.; Christodoulides, Paul; Thwaites, Des; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2011Falling streams hitting horizontal walls in the presence of stagnation pointsChristodoulides, Paul; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος; Dias, Frederic; Lazaris, Lazaros
2012Femtosecond and UV inscribed grating characterization in photonic crystal fibres: optimization for sensing applicationsKoutsides, Charalambos; Yiangou, Eleni; Christodoulides, Paul; Themistos, Christos; Komodromos, Michael; Kalli, Kyriacos; Κουτσίδης, Χαράλαμπος; Γιάγκου, Ελένη; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
2008Gap-solitons in a three-layered stratified flowGrimshaw, Roger; Christodoulides, Paul; Χριστοδουλίδης, Παύλος
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