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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Sensing applications of long-period gratings in various fibre typesKalli, Kyriacos ; Webb, David J. ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Mezentsev, Vladimir K.; Gillooly, Andy Michael; Neal, Ron M. ; Bennion, Ian 
2011Sensing properties of femtosecond laser-inscribed long period gratings in photonic crystal fiberKalli, Kyriacos ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Zhou, Kaiming; Smith, Graham N. 
2007Sensitivity of LPGs in PCFs Fabricated by an Electric Arc to Temperature, Strain, and External Refractive IndexPetrovic, Jovana S. ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Mezentsev, Vladimir K.; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Webb, David J. ; Bennion, Ian 
Jun-2017Silica-Embedded Silicon Nanophotonic On-Chip NetworksKakoulli, Elena ; Soteriou, Vassos ; Koutsides, Charalambos ; Kalli, Kyriacos 
1995Simultaneous interrogation of interferometric and bragg grating sensorsKalli, Kyriacos ; Johnson, David A.; Webb, David J. 
1997Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature using the first- and second-order diffraction wavelengths of bragg gratingsKalli, Kyriacos ; Jackson, David A.; Webb, David J. ; Brady, Garret P.; Reekie, Laurence; Archambault, Jean Luc
1995Spatially-multiplexed fibre-optic bragg grating strain and temperature sensor system based on interferometric wavelength-shift detectionKalli, Kyriacos ; Jackson, David A.; Webb, David J. ; Rao, Yunjiang; Brady, Garret P.; Zhang, Lin ; Bennion, Ian 
2011Spectral characteristics and thermal evolution of long-period gratings in photonic crystal fibers fabricated with a near-IR radiation femtosecond laser using point-by-point inscriptionKalli, Kyriacos ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Zhou, Kaiming; Smith, Graham N. ; Komodromos, Michael; Petrović, Jovana S.; Webb, David ; Bennion, Ian 
2006Spectral modification of type ia fibre bragg gratings by high power near infra-red lasersKalli, Kyriacos ; Simpson, Alexander George; Zhou, Kaiming
2006Spectral modification of type ia fibre bragg gratings by high-power near-infrared lasersKalli, Kyriacos ; Simpson, Alexander George; Zhou, Kaiming; Zhang, Lin ; Birkin, David J L; Ellingham, Tim J.; Bennion, Ian 
1991Stimulated brillouin scattering ring resonator laser for sbs gain studies and microwave generationKalli, Kyriacos ; Jackson, David A.; Culverhouse, D. O.
14-Feb-2018Strain dependence of perfluorinated polymer optical fiber Bragg grating measured at different wavelengthsIshikawa, Ryo ; Lee, Heeyoung ; Lacraz, Amédéé ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Mizuno, Yosuke ; Nakamura, Kentaro 
29-Apr-2016Strain sensing with femtosecond inscribed FBGs in perfluorinated polymer optical fibersStajanca, Pavol ; Lacraz, Amédéé ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Schukar, Marcus ; Krebber, Katerina 
2012Superstructure fiber gratings via single step femtosecond laser inscriptionKalli, Kyriacos ; Davies, Edward M. ; Komodromos, Michael; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Webb, David ; Zhang, Lin ; Koutsides, Charalambos 
19-Aug-2013Synergistic effects of buffer layer processing additives for enhanced hole carrier selectivity in inverted Organic PhotovoltaicsSavva, Achilleas ; Neophytou, Marios ; Koutsides, Charalambos ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Choulis, Stelios A. 
2006Tailoring the temperature and strain coefficients of type I and type ia dual grating sensors - the impact of hydrogenation conditionsKalli, Kyriacos ; Simpson, Alexander George; Zhou, Kaiming; Zhang, Lin ; Bennion, Ian 
2004Temperature insensitive long-period grating sensors in photonic crystal fibreKalli, Kyriacos ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Webb, David J. 
2008Temperature sensitivity of Bragg gratings in PMMA and TOPAS microstructured polymer optical fibresWebb, David J. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Zhang, Chi ; Komodromos, Michael; Argyros, Alexander ; Large, Maryanne C J ; Emiliyanov, Grigoriy; Bang, Ole ; Kjær, Erik Michael
1998Temperature-induced reflectivity changes and activation of hydrogen sensitive optically thin palladium films on silicon oxideKalli, Kyriacos ; Othonos, Andreas S. ; Christofidès, Constantinos
2009The exploitation of thin film coatings for fibre sensors for the application of chemical sensingKalli, Kyriacos ; Webb, David J. ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Neal, Ron M. ; Davies, Edward M. ; Rehman, Saeed Ur; Maier, Robert R J; Barton, James S.; Jones, Julian D C; Bennion, Ian