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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Investigation and applications of all-fiber brillouin ring resonator lasersKalli, Kyriacos ; Jackson, David A.
Apr-2018L-band CYTOP Bragg gratings for ultrasound sensingBroadway, Christian ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Zubel, Michal ; Sugden, Kate ; Megret, Patrice ; Caucheteur, Christophe 
12-Apr-2017Laser structuring, stress modification and Bragg grating inscription in silicon-core glass fibersFokine, Michael ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Song, Seunghan ; Hawkins, Thomas W. ; Ballato, John M. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Gibson, Ursula J. 
Jan-2018Laser-sculpted hybrid photonic magnetometer with nanoscale magnetostrictive interactionAllsop, Thomas ; Lee, Graham B. ; Wang, Changle ; Neal, Ronald ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Culverhouse, Philip ; Webb D., David J. 
1-Aug-2015Localized surface plasmon fiber device coated with carbon nanotubes for the specific detection of CO2Allsop, Thomas P. ; Arif, Raz N. ; Neal, Ron M. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Kundrát, Vojtěch ; Rozhin, A. G. ; Culverhouse, Phil ; Webb, David J. 
2008Long period gratings written into a photonic crystal fibre by a femtosecond laser as directional bend sensorsAllsop, Thomas D P ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Zhou, Kaiming; Lai, Yicheng; Smith, Graham N. ; Dubov, Mykhaylo V.; Webb, David J. ; Bennion, Ian 
2005Long-period gratings fabricated in photonic crystal fibreKalli, Kyriacos ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Petrovic, Jovana S. 
23-Jan-2017Low loss polymer fiber Bragg gratings sensors for effective optical sensing of strain and temperatureLacraz, Amédéé ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Kalli, Kyriacos 
2010Low refractive index gas sensing using a surface plasmon resonance fibre deviceKalli, Kyriacos ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Neal, Ron M. ; Davies, Edward M. ; Mou, Chengbo; Bond, Peter R.; Rehman, Saeed Ur; Webb, David ; Calverhouse, P.; Bennion, Ian 
2012Low-loss multimode interference couplers for terahertz wavesKalli, Kyriacos ; Themistos, Christos; Komodromos, Michael; Markides, Christos; Quadir, Anita; Rahman, Azizur B. M.; Grattan, Kenneth T.V.
2006Measured sensitivity of arc-induced long-period grating sensors in photonic crystal fibreKalli, Kyriacos ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Webb, David J. 
Sep-2017Measurements with an FBG inscribed on a new type of polymer fibreTheodosiou, Antreas ; Palchik, Oleg ; Tal, N. ; Shafir, Ehud ; Berkovic, Garry E. ; Zilberman, Shlomi ; Kalli, Kyriacos 
Feb-2018Methane detection scheme based upon the changing optical constants of a zinc oxide/platinum matrix created by a redox reaction and their effect upon surface plasmonsAllsop, Thomas ; Kundrat, Vojtech ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Lee, Graham B. ; Neal, Ron ; Bond, Peter ; Shi, Baogul ; Sullivan, John ; Culverhouse, Phil ; Webb, David J. 
1-Jan-2015Microfluidic flow and heat transfer and their influence upon optical modes in microstructure fibresDavies, Edward M. ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Florides, Georgios A. ; Kalli, Kyriacos 
2014Microfluidic flows and heat transfer and their influence on optical modes in microstructure fibersDavies, Edward M. ; Florides, Georgios A. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Christodoulides, Paul 
20-May-2015Microfluidics flow and heat transfer in microstructured fibers of circular and elliptical geometryChristodoulides, Paul ; Florides, Georgios A. ; Davies, Edward M. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Dias, Frédéric 
2013Microfluidics in Microstructure Optical Fibers: Heat Flux and Pressure-driven and Other FlowsFlorides, Georgios A. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Lazari, Lazaros ; Komodromos, Michael ; Dias, Frederic ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Koutsides, Charalambos 
2012Modelling microfluidic flow and heat transfer in circular and elliptical channels in microstructure fibresFlorides, Georgios A. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Komodromos, Michael; Christodoulides, Paul 
1-Jan-2016Modified femtosecond laser inscription method for tailored grating sensors in encapsulated silica and low-loss polymer optical fibresKalli, Kyriacos ; Lacraz, Amédéé ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Kofinas, Marios 
15-Jul-2016Modified fs-Laser Inscribed FBG Array for Rapid Mode Shape Capture of Free-Free Vibrating BeamsTheodosiou, Antreas ; Lacraz, Amédéé ; Polis, Michael ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Tsangari, Maria ; Stassis, Andreas ; Komodromos, Michael