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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A performance efficient hardware implementation for the encrypted shared storage media standardMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Fotopoulou, Eleni
1-Jan-2015Pipelined SHA-3 implementations on FPGA: Architecture and performance analysisMichail, Harris ; Ioannou, Lenos ; Voyiatzis, Artemios G. 
2012Priority handling aggregation technique (PHAT) for wireless sensor networksKoubias, Stavros A.; Tsitsipis, Dimitris; Dima, Sofia Maria; Kritikakou, Angeliki S. ; Panagiotou, Christos F.; Gialelis, John V.; Michail, Harris 
2009An RNS implementation of an Fp elliptic curve point multiplierMichail, Harris ; Schinianakis, Dimitrios M.; Fournaris, Apostolos P.
2010A robotic system for home security enhancementMichail, Harris ; Obadan, Samuel; Gregoriades, Andreas 
Jun-2010A robotic system for home security enhancementGregoriades, Andreas ; Obadan, Samuel ; Michail, Harris ; Papadopoulou, Vicky ; Michael-Grigoriou, Despina 
2005Speeded up and low-powered hardware implementation of the secure hash algorithm through partial unrollingMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Theodoridis, Georgios A.
1-Jul-2013A systematic flow for developing totally self-checking architectures for SHA-1 and SHA-2 cryptographic hash familiesAthanasiou, George S. ; Theodoridis, G. ; Goutis, Costas E. ; Michail, Harris ; Kasparis, Takis 
2006Temporal and system level modifications for high speed VLSI implementations of cryptographic coreMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Milidonis, Athanasios S.
2009A top-down design methodology for ultrahigh-performance hashing coresMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Milidonis, Athanasios S.
2010Ultra high speed SHA-256 hashing cryptographic module for IPSEC hardware/software codesignMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Kritikakou, Angeliki S. 
2005VLSI design and implementation of reconfigurable cryptographic systems for symmetric encryptionMichail, Harris ; Selimis, George N.; Koufopavlou, Odysseas G.