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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2015Hardware implementation of the Totally Self-Checking SHA-256 hash coreMichail, Harris ; Kotsiolis, Apostolis ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P. ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Goutis, Costas E. 
6-Aug-2015High performance pipelined FPGA implementation of the SHA-3 hash algorithmIoannou, Lenos ; Michail, Harris ; Voyiatzis, Artemios G. 
31-Jul-2013High-performance FPGA implementations of the cryptographic hash function JHAthanasiou, George S. ; Michail, Harris ; Theodoridis, G. ; Goutis, Costas E. 
2012High-throughput hardware architectures of the JH round-three SHA-3 candidate: An FPGA design and implementation approachGoutis, Costas E.; Athanasiou, George S. ; Chalkou, Chara I.; Bardis, D.; Michail, Harris ; Theodoridis, George
2010HW/SW co-design integrating high - Speed authentication module for IPSec/IPv6Michail, Harris ; Kelefouras, Vassilis; Gregoriades, Andreas 
2007Implementation of HSSec: a high-speed cryptographic co-processorMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Goutis, Costas E.
2009Improved throughput bit-serial multiplier for GF(2m) fieldsMichail, Harris ; Selimis, George N.; Fournaris, Apostolos P.
2012An intelligent transportation system for accident risk index quantificationMichail, Harris ; Mouskos, Kyriacos C. ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
2005A Low-Power and High-throughput implementation of the SHA-1 hash functionMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Koufopavlou, Odysseas G.
2009Low-power architecture with scratch-pad memory for accelerating embedded applications with run-time reuseMichail, Harris ; Milidonis, Athanasios S.; Porpodas, Vasileios
2006Maximizing the hash function of authentication codesMichail, Harris ; Yiakoumis, Ioannis I.; Papadonikolakis, Markos E.
2011A methodology for speeding up fast fourier transform focusing on memory architecture utilizationMichail, Harris ; Kelefouras, Vasileios I.; Athanasiou, George S. 
2005Novel hardware implementation for generating message authentication codesMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Fotopoulou, Eleni
2005Novel high throughput implementation of SHA-256 hash function through pre-computation techniqueMichail, Harris ; Milidonis, Athanasios S.; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.
2005Novel technique for high-throughput and power efficient cryptographic primitivesMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Goutis, Costas E.
1-Jan-2014On the development of high-throughput and area-efficient multi-mode cryptographic hash designs in FPGAsMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Theodoridis, George ; Goutis, Costas E. 
2012On the development of totally self-checking hardware design for the SHA-1 hash functionGoutis, Costas E.; Michail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Theodoridis, George; Gregoriades, Andreas 
2012On the exploitation of a high-throughput SHA-256 FPGA design for HMACMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Kelefouras, Vassilis
1-Jan-2014Optimising the SHA-512 cryptographic hash function on FPGAsAthanasiou, George S. ; Michail, Harris ; Theodoridis, George ; Goutis, Costas E. 
2005Optimizing SHA-1 hash function for high throughput with a partial unrolling studyMichail, Harris ; Kakarountas, Athanasios P.; Selimis, George N.