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2014Beyond crude 3D models: From point clouds to historical building information modeling via NURBSOreni, Daniela ; Brumana, Raffaella ; Banfi, Fabrizio ; Bertola, Luca ; Barazzetti, Luigi ; Cuca, Branka ; Previtali, Mattia ; Roncoroni, Fabio 
1-Jan-2015Change detection from very high resolution satellite time series with variable off-nadir angleBarazzetti, Luigi ; Brumana, Raffaella ; Cuca, Branka ; Previtali, Mattia 
1-Jan-2014Geo-portal as a planning instrument: Supporting decision making and fostering market potential of Energy efficiency in buildings ReseaCuca, Branka ; Brumana, Raffaella ; Oreni, Daniela ; Iannaccone, Giuliana ; Sesana, Marta Maria 
1-Jan-2015Geomapping methodology for the GeoCluster Mapping Tool to assess deployment potential of technologies for energy efficiency in buildingsSesana, Marta Maria ; Cuca, Branka ; Iannaccone, Giuliana ; Brumana, Raffaella ; Caccavelli, Dominique ; Gay, Charly 
1-Jan-2015An insight into space and remote sensing technologies concerning agriculture and landscape analysisCuca, Branka ; Barazzetti, Luigi ; Brumana, Raffaella ; Previtali, Mattia